Reserve Bucktown tickets online

Reserve Bucktown tickets online

You now can reserve tickets for the the Bucktown Revue from our website. Just click the “Reserve Tickets” link above, tell us how many tickets you need and any special instructions. We’ll confirm your reservation by email.

Try it, you’ll like it!

Tickets for the 2015-16 season are $13. Season tickets are $115 and guarantee the same great seats for all nine shows, September through May.

8 Replies to “Reserve Bucktown tickets online”

  1. We are unable to attend this Friday’s performance. May we sell these tickets back to you? they are seats of F6 & F8.


    Larry and Sharon

    1. I think we’ve corresponded on this and will try to accommodate. The best thing in the future is to pass the tickets on to friends who haven’t yet been to the show. We’re a small volunteer organization and pretty substantially snowed under every month processing reservations. (g) Thanks for being season ticket holders and members of the Bucktown family!

  2. Please reserve two tix for the January 16 show for Jeff and Liz Blackwell. Paranthetically, Jeff will be helping you set up at Richmond Hill on January 23, and Liz and Jeff will be then watching the show together on the 24th. It’s a Bucktown Saturation January.

  3. I tried to reserve tickets by using the link so I will try this. I currently have reserved seats
    F 10 and F 12 and I would like to reserve seat F 14 or F 8 for November 20, 2015. If this is not possible, please reserve one a close to my current seats as possible.

    Thank you,
    Keith Wilson

  4. I would like to reserve two tickets for tonight’s show, February 19th.

    If possible could the seats be on the aisle please.

    I attempted to order the tickets as described using the link but was unsuccessful.

    Thank you.

    1. Your reservation did come through. We’ll confirm via email soon if you haven’t heard from us already. Thanks and see you tonight!

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