Next show: Be our Bucktown valentine

Next show: Be our Bucktown valentine

The Bucktown Revue returns to Davenport Nighswander Junior Theater 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 21. Guests include Mo Carter (pictured), Chris Dunn, C.J. Lomas and the Alexa Mueller Trio. Tickets:

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The Bucktown Revue features Kristi Ruud, Amy Klutho, Robert Rosenstiel, Korah Winn, Bill Klutho, Matt Manweiler, Jim Swanson, Kevin Hamilton, Sarah Hepner and emcee Scott Tunnicliff. Our hospitality hosts are Renae Rosenstiel and Alissa Manweiler. Produced by Mike Romkey.


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  1. We cannot say enough good things about the fabulous artists that performed at the Bucktown Revue’s Christmas Revue last night. It was pure perfection and the standing ovation was SO deserved! A splendid reminder of the incredible talent that is ‘alive and well’ in the Quad Cities. Thank you, Bucktown players, for making our holiday especially wonderful!

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