Brer Bucktown’s Blog: May 18

Brer Bucktown’s Blog: May 18

Jeff Bell has always been a favorite at the Bucktown Revue. Everything about Jeff is big: his powerful bass voice, his presence, his impact on the audience.

It’s been a few years since Jeff has been on the Bucktown stage due to work-schedule complications. But as soon as we said Jeff would be with us Friday for the May show, we started getting requests to ask him to sing various songs he’s performed on past shows.

“Could we please ask Jeff Bell to do ‘Big John’ for the May show?” one person asked. “I would be pleased as punch to hear him sing that.”

“My personal request is for Jeff to sing the song about his daughter that he sang the last time I saw him on the show,” another one of Jeff’s fans said in an email. “It was beautiful.”

I’m not going to spill the beans on what Jeff has planned for Friday, but it’ll be great as always.

So y’all come to see us, y’hear? And please remember to tell your friends about the Bucktown Revue.

– Brer Romkey

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