Brer Bucktown’s Blog: May 16

Brer Bucktown’s Blog: May 16

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store for you at Friday’s Bucktown Revue 2016-17 season finale:

  • Singer/songwriter Angela Meyer
  • The Quad City Ukulele Club
  • The Bucktown Poetry Guild
  • Super Happy Fun Thyme Trouble
  • 12-string guitarist Tom Rood
  • Jonathan Turner, with Josh Turner and Sophia Pike
  • The Bucktown Chamber Orchestra
  • Jeff Bell, the man with the big bass voice
  • Miracle Bluegrass Band
  • Funnyman Steve Couch
  • Plus music from the cast

Y’all come to see us, y’hear? And tell your friends.

– Brer Romkey

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