Brer Bucktown’s Blog: May 11

Brer Bucktown’s Blog: May 11

As the Bucktown season winds down and we begin planning for the new series starting in September, we’ve fielded a few inquiries about ticket prices.

Namely this: Will ticket prices be going up?

True enough, it does seem that prices for most things edge northward a little bit every year as expenses increase. That’s just a fact of life. However, we’ve decided to keep tickets to the Bucktown Revue at $13 per show.


We’re operating from a position of optimism.

Our expenses will increase for next year. But we believe members of the extended Bucktown Family – that means you, our monthly patrons, cast and guest performers – will help us spread the news about the two hours of happiness we share every month.

If costs go up but we have a few additional people in the theater for each show, it will all be OK. And that’s one of our unoffical Bucktown Revue mottos: It will all be OK.

So please tell your friends and neighbors about the Bucktown Revue. There isn’t anything else like it in the Quad-Cities.


– Brer Romkey

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