A little bit of Bucktown in Geneseo tonight

Two-thirds of Milltown and special guest Kevin Hamilton kick off the Bucktown Revue Lite Summer Concert Series tonight at Geneseo Brewing Company. The quartet will perform in the brewpub, 102 S State St, Geneseo, IL 61254, from 8-10 p.m. If you’re looking for great brew and a good time, drop on by and join Bob Rosenstiel, Korah Winn, Michael Romkey and Kevin Hamilton.

Follow I-74 to I-280 E
I-80 E to IL-82 N/S Oakwood Ave in Geneseo, exit 19
Drive to S State St

Bucktown Family Values

  1. To provide the audience with two hours of happiness with every show.
  2. To provide a quality monthly performance opportunity for the cast.
  3. To showcase area songwriters and roots music performers.
  4. To preserve unique Americana and other folk traditions.
  5. To give everybody in the cast their share of the show.

How we measure our success: ticket sales (season, reservations, walk-ins).

Brer Bucktown’s Blog: May 31

Milltown has decided to move toward writing all-original material for Bucktown. We’ve done some of that in the past, but we’re going to try to raise the bar for ourselves. It’s going to require a leap of faith. Here’s the outline of a new one in its early ugly duckling phase. The video software, Final Cut Pro X, won this round, but I’m not giving up on figuring out how to do multicam edits with a mixed audio track, but that all isn’t happening yet.

Brer Bucktown’s Blog: May 22

The Bucktown Revue concluded its tenth season in fine fashion Friday with a virtually sold-out show. Everybody we’ve talked to thinks it was one of our best shows ever. It was great to end the season with a bang.

TBR goes on hiatus until September, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be busy over the summer. Today we started outlining the 2017–18 season. We’ll be bringing back 15 or so of your favorite Bucktown musical acts next season. We’re also scouting for an equal number of great new people perform at Bucktown.

Do you know somebody you think would be good for the show? Drop us an email and we’ll give them a look.

Thanks again to the cast, crew, guests and especially all the wonderful and supportive people in the audience for making the 2016–17 TBR season a success. And thanks for being a member of the Bucktown family and the part you played in helping us deliver two hours of pure happiness every month.

– Brer Romkey

Brer Bucktown’s Blog: May 18

Jeff Bell has always been a favorite at the Bucktown Revue. Everything about Jeff is big: his powerful bass voice, his presence, his impact on the audience.

It’s been a few years since Jeff has been on the Bucktown stage due to work-schedule complications. But as soon as we said Jeff would be with us Friday for the May show, we started getting requests to ask him to sing various songs he’s performed on past shows.

“Could we please ask Jeff Bell to do ‘Big John’ for the May show?” one person asked. “I would be pleased as punch to hear him sing that.”

“My personal request is for Jeff to sing the song about his daughter that he sang the last time I saw him on the show,” another one of Jeff’s fans said in an email. “It was beautiful.”

I’m not going to spill the beans on what Jeff has planned for Friday, but it’ll be great as always.

So y’all come to see us, y’hear? And please remember to tell your friends about the Bucktown Revue.

– Brer Romkey

Brer Bucktown’s Blog: May 16

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store for you at Friday’s Bucktown Revue 2016-17 season finale:

  • Singer/songwriter Angela Meyer
  • The Quad City Ukulele Club
  • The Bucktown Poetry Guild
  • Super Happy Fun Thyme Trouble
  • 12-string guitarist Tom Rood
  • Jonathan Turner, with Josh Turner and Sophia Pike
  • The Bucktown Chamber Orchestra
  • Jeff Bell, the man with the big bass voice
  • Miracle Bluegrass Band
  • Funnyman Steve Couch
  • Plus music from the cast

Y’all come to see us, y’hear? And tell your friends.

– Brer Romkey

Brer Bucktown’s Blog: May 11

As the Bucktown season winds down and we begin planning for the new series starting in September, we’ve fielded a few inquiries about ticket prices.

Namely this: Will ticket prices be going up?

True enough, it does seem that prices for most things edge northward a little bit every year as expenses increase. That’s just a fact of life. However, we’ve decided to keep tickets to the Bucktown Revue at $13 per show.


We’re operating from a position of optimism.

Our expenses will increase for next year. But we believe members of the extended Bucktown Family – that means you, our monthly patrons, cast and guest performers – will help us spread the news about the two hours of happiness we share every month.

If costs go up but we have a few additional people in the theater for each show, it will all be OK. And that’s one of our unoffical Bucktown Revue mottos: It will all be OK.

So please tell your friends and neighbors about the Bucktown Revue. There isn’t anything else like it in the Quad-Cities.


– Brer Romkey