About The Revue

The Bucktown Revue can be experienced 7 p.m. every third Friday of the month from September to May at the Davenport Nighswander Junior Theatre, 2822 Eastern Ave., Davenport, Iowa. (Map to the venue)

$13 at the door. To reserve tickets, please visit our Ticket Reservation Page. Reserved season seating is also available.

Performing: Would you like to perform at The Bucktown Revue? Let us know. Please attach a sample MP3 and photo if you have them, but they’re not required. For other questions, call Michael Romkey, 563-940-0508.


The Bucktown Revue has been very warmly received by our patrons for the last two years, and it continues to bring new and familiar faces back to the River Music Experience (RME) each month. The down home stories, songs, variety of musical acts, and humorous skits (such as the continuing saga of the “Pleasant Valley Hillbillies”…) always leave the crowd wanting more. We look forward to the start of the new season of Bucktown Revue in September, and we are very proud to host this entertaining family program here at the RME.”
– Ellis Kell, Director of Programming & Education, River Music Experience

“The Bucktown Review is a two-hour entertainment croissant filled with lively music, skits. poetry and guffaws galore. A tasty morsel presented monthly by the best in area talent.”
– Ed DeLong, Rock Island

“The Bucktown Revue is one of the QCA’s best kept secrets. It’s a fun night for the local performers as much as I would say for the general audience.”
– Dr. Gregory L. Garvin

3 thoughts on “About The Revue

  1. just a note about the Christmas show . the keyboard was so loud that we could not hear the singers that were performing it seem that you could not hear that on the stage I would of thought that Lars could of in the control booth. the piano always seems a little loud anyway . we have heard Sofia before and know how good she is.

    • We’re sorry about the keyboard. The theater’s piano stopped working, and we’re trying to find something that will do a better job. Promise to have it fixed in January.

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